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sand tiger shark is the only shark would come to the sea surface to gulp air and store it in its stomach, that allows them to float motionlessly in the water and search for prey.

humboldt penguins are very social penguins so they are always in groups. they could identify each other by voice! they would blush too cool themselves down when they get too hot!

the strong, powerful philippine eagle is the second largest eagle in the world. when they are young, they would practice hunting by attacking still objects and hanging upside-down trying to improve their balance.

male lined seahorse could give birth of up to 200 babies at a time. they are toothless and their eyes can move independently. they are poor swimmers and have bad disgust systems.

spotted jellyfish can filter about 13,200 gallons of sea water per day. they are usually harmless and their sting contains only mild venom which won’t cause any serious effect to human.

sperm whale has the largest brain in the world! it is also the largest toothed whale and predator. its blow can be up to 2m high and it could dives as deep as 3km!

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