the king of cats


with all the money his father left behind for him, a cat lover spent the past 30 years going around wanchai area in hong kong, feeding homeless cats. everyday from mid night to early morning, he would visit different places, climbs up and down to place cans of cat food. all these years people in that area refers him as “the king of cats”.
sadly it is not easy to take care of so many homeless cats. he was arrested for mistreating animals recently because of providing bad living environment for the cats.
people would not be arrested for abandoning pets, and to take care of abandoned, homeless cats is considered non-cat-lover by the judge. what is missing from the love of this king of cats?餵貓30年耗盡父65萬遺產-灣仔-貓王-虐貓今判刑-213511537.html

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