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numbat 袋食蟻獸

numbat is a marsupial but it does not have a pouch. it has a very long tongue which could stretch out to half the length of its body. this tiny mammal has 52 teeth that it seldom use because it is mainly feed on termites, and it eats them whole. numbat is sometimes known as a banded anteater, but it is not related to anteaters.

black giant squirrel 大黑巨松鼠

black giant squirrel i s one of the largest squirrels in the world, but it is very shy and wary! it has broad feet with strong claws. it could leaps from branch to branch, and jumps a span of 6 meters or longer! it is usually up the trees in wild forests but sometimes it would climbs down to search for food.

smooth hammerhead 鎚頭雙髻鯊

smooth hammerhead is the second largest of hammerheads. it has a broad and flattened head, its wide-set eyes gives it a better visual range to search for prey. it has good sense of hearing, which allow it to hears low frequency vibrations like those created by wounded fishes. it likes warm water so it usually stays near the water surface, that increases the chances of being caught by fishing nets.

commerson’s dolphin 黑白驼背豚

also known as panda dolphin, commerson’s dolphin has black and white patterns on its body; a male would have an oval patch on its belly, and a female would have a v-shaped patch on the same spot. commerson’s dolphin is small in size but they could eat an amount as much as a killer whale per day! that is because it has a metabolic rate that is 2-3 times higher than other whales or dolphins.

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