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riverine rabbit 南非山兔

riverine rabbit can only be found in central karoo, south africa. it is one of the rarest mammals with less than 250 in the world. compare to other rabbits, riverine rabbit has a very low breeding rate which is only 1-2 young per year. riverine rabbit produces hard droppings at night time and soft droppings during the day.

pygmy three-toed sloth 鬃毛三趾樹懶

pygmy three-toed sloths live in the mangrove on Isla Escudo de Veraguas. they are one of the smallest and slowest sloth. to avoid detection from predators, they are good at staying still and hiding. with their tough skin and the ability to heal wounds quickly, they do not get infections easily. they are also good swimmers.

coquerel’s sifaka 克氏冕狐猴

coquerel’s sifakas spend more of their time on the trees. they are only found in madagascar. they leap in a vertical position rather than horizontal, and they could leaps up to 30 feets! they are very social animals; you could hear them chatting when often. they are herbivores and not picky eaters; they can even digest some plants that are toxic to other animals.

pacific walrus 太平洋海象

walrus’s scientific name in latin means “tooth-walking sea-horse”. a walrus can weight up to 2000kg! they love the cold weather and spend 2/3 of their life in frigid waters. they have poor eyesights but their hearing and sense of smell are great! they are very social animals so physical contact with others in the community is important.

goodfellow’s tree kangaroo 古氏樹袋鼠

goodfellow’s tree kangaroo is a great leaper and it can jumps up to 9m from one tree to another. it has a long tail equal to the length of the body that helps it balance. it is physically built to live on tree; it has shorter and wider feet with long claws that can help it moves faster on trees. in hot weather, it would licks itself to keep cool.

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