deadly virus for parrots



現在南非只剩下少於1000隻野生海角鸚鵡。steve boyes 博士和他的團隊一直試圖挽救這些鸚鵡,目前有超過200隻鸚鵡在他們的幫助下康復了。

in south africa, parrots are mainly feed on yellowwood tree fruits; however, with the crazy deforestation and all the damages to the environment there, parrots had lost both their homes and their food sources. parrots adapted their new diets which including syringa fruits that are actually poison; their new diet is not good for them; they became susceptible to the Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) and this disease is putting the parrots to face extinction.

there are now less than 1000 wild adult cape parrots in south africa. dr. steve boyes and his team has been trying to save these sick parrots. so far over 200 of parrots had recovered with their help.

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