aquarium bursts in shanghai


上海市一商場的3公尺高大型魚缸,因長期損耗及低溫天氣而突然爆裂,導致 16 人輕傷,同時害缸內的鯊魚、魚和海龜們都隨水沖去,全部死亡。魚兒們被關在玻璃後本來就夠可憐,現在更因人類的疏忽而送命。

recently, a 33.5-ton aquarium in a mall in Shanghai, China, burst! causing 16 people with minor injuries, and putting all the creatures including 3 lemon sharks, sea turtles and other fishes to death. it is believed that the 15 cm thick acrylic glass burst out because the materials used were not able to withstand a sudden temperature drop. it was sad these marine creatures were kept behind the glass at the first place, and now they even had to die because of these human mistakes.

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