tightrope walking


當西部低地大猩猩 Kidogo 初到德國的Krefeld動物園時,為分散牠的思鄉之情,園裡的工作人員為牠安裝了繩索,讓牠玩樂。但 Kidogo 卻開始自已練習如何在繩上平衡,更學會了在繩上走動!牠這罕見的行為和技能使牠成為了園裡的焦點!

when Kidogo, the western lowland gorilla, first arrived the Krefeld Zoo, he was a bit homesick. so the zookeepers decided to install some topes for him to play with. but Kidogo is enjoying these ropes so much that he has been practicing how to tightrope walking! kidogo is very playful and athletic; beside walking on the rope, he could also jump from 13-feet tall tree with his arms placed confidently on his sides. his behavior is very unusual and has become a star of the zoo.


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