first visit at the emperor penguin colony


早在2009年,衛星圖像顯示在南極洲的冰上有糞便污漬,但研究人員無法看到任何企鵝的踪跡。然而,花了七季的時間,探險隊隊長Alain Hubert和他的團隊終於發現了這個巨大的皇帝企鵝群體,並相信有多達9000隻!

back in 2009, a satellite imagery shows excrement stains on the ice in Antarctica, but researchers couldn’t see any penguins from the image. however, after spending the past seven seasons there, Expedition leader Alain Hubert and his team had finally discovered this huge emperor penguins colony in East Antarctica, and they believe there are more than 9000 of them!

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