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chinstrap penguin 南極企鵝

chinstrap penguin has very dark black back, black bill and pink feet. its feathers being packed tighter together than the other penguins, and that is why they could survive in colder water. chinstrap penguin is the most aggressive penguin species of all; they would fight with each other, especially males would fight over the best locations for the nest during mating season.


indian peacock  印度孔雀

the male peacock’s train makes up over 60% of his total length. he could fly well but only over a short distance and he would fly into tress to take a break of holding his train off the ground as well as hiding from predators. indian peacock is the national animal of india.


spanish imperial eagle  西班牙帝鵰

spanish imperial eagles have excellent eyesight and are able to catch flying birds, but they are mainly fed on rabbits. they like to build their nests in tall oak trees, far away from human disturbance; and they would reuse these nests. these eagles are protective parents; they would even shelter their chicks from heavy rain.


spectacled bear  眼鏡熊

spectacled bear is the only bears found in South America; it does not hibernate because of the warm climate. it is also the most vegetarian bear with only 5% of its diet is meat. spectacled bear is the only member left in the short-faced bear subfamily.


water buffalo  水牛

water buffalo loves to roll around in mud to cool itself off, and it hooves are designed in a shape to prevent them from slipping and sliding in the mud. it is the largest member of the bovine tribe. water buffalo is mainly domesticated with 95% of its population found in Asia. wild water buffalo is considered endangered.

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