divers rescue tangled dolphin


凱勒 拉洛斯與一組潛水員在夏威夷西海岸潛水時,一條寬吻海豚主動游過去並在他們之間徘徊。未幾他們就發現這條海豚被魚線纏住了,在向他們尋求幫助。當拉洛斯示意叫海豚過去時,牠亦聽從游過去讓拉洛斯幫牠除去魚鉤、切斷魚線。這再次證明海豚是很聰明的,懂得尋求幫助,並且能理解身邊所發生的事物。

Keller Laros and a group of divers were diving off the west coast of Hawaii when a bottlenose dolphin came over and linger around. they soon realized the dolphin was tangled by a fishing line and it was seeking for help. when Laros gestured to ask the dolphin to come closer to him, it swam over and let him remove the hook and cut off the fishing lines. this again shows dolphins are really intelligent and understand what is happening around themselves.



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