“labor rooms” for the neritic squids

squid delivery room


In Taiwan, a number of divers had been building “labor rooms” for squids. This type of squid, known as Neritic Squids, usually lay eggs in coral reefs. But due to pollution, coral reefs are often covered with abandoned fishnets and many were forced to lay eggs on shelterless seabeds. These unprotected eggs are easy prey for predators like fish and therefore only few managed to hatch. This resulted in a substantial drop in both the number of neritic squids as well as their reproductive capacity. In view of this, a number of diving enthusiasts joined forces 7 years ago to provide these squids with man-made bamboo-rafts, shelters for them to lay eggs and reproduce. You can now find as many as 100 pairs of neritic squid around these bamboo-rafts “labor rooms” during their mating season.


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