Click for the Earth


click 一 click 就能支持環保?這聽起來太簡單了?
只要到Brother的Click for the Earth網頁,按一下你喜歡的環保活動,Brother便會捐出約HK$1贊助該活動!
因為一天只能按一次,所以我們已經bookmark了這個網址,準備了每天去click一下!你也趕快click 一 click吧!

just a click could help make the earth greener? it might sounds too simple to be true! but if you visit Brother’s Click for the Earth webpage, you could click on the project you like and Brother would donate around HK$1 to that project! since you can only “donate” once a day, we already bookmarked this page and planning to go “donate” everyday! why don’t you join us?

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