touch project

Touch Project

機緣巧合之下,&dear遇上了在理工大學任教遊戲設計的Dr Hanna Wirman。她與Dr. Willie Smits和我們一樣都熱愛動物,而且很希望讓更多人關心紅毛猩猩瀕危的狀情況。他們運用新科技和遊戲設計上的知識,設計了一套可以供人類和猩猩一起玩的遊戲平台!

by coincidence, &dear met Dr Hanna Wirman, a professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who is collaborating with Dr. Willie Smits on the Touch Project. just like us, they are animal lovers and they especially would like to bring more attentions to the endangered orangutans. with new technology and knowledge of game design, they designed a game for human and orangutans to play together. they hope that this could bring the human closer to the orangutans and get to know them more.

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