navy dolphin


自1960年起,美國海軍便開始訓練海豚和海獅,牠們不但要進行海上掃雷,也要負責搜尋沈到海床的設備和尋找潛水員。最近一隻受過美軍海軍訓練的寬吻海豚有一個大發現 – 牠發現了一個130年前做的魚雷!這是全世界首枚能靠螺旋槳自行推進的魚雷之一,當時只製造了50枚。

Since the 1960s, dolphins and sea lions have been trained by the US navy to detect and deactivate sea mines, retrieve sunken equipments from the seafloor and search for divers. recently, a navy trained bottlenose dolphin helped made a great discovery – it found a 130-year-old torpedo! it is one of the first self-propelled torpedo and only 50 of them were produced!
dolphins naturally possess the most sophisticated sonar known to man, making them the perfect companion for man in sea-searching missions!

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