wander around the zoo

visitors are not the only one that can walk around the zoo. the philadelphia zoo had put up the new stainless steel tubular cage for their monkeys and lemurs to wander around the the place. this not only allow the animals to move outside their cage and away from boredom, it also bring them closer to the visitors making both human and animal happy! the zoo is planing to build more of these tubes so the other animals would get the chance to walk around as well!


2 thoughts on “wander around the zoo

  1. Hello,

    I’ve been following your posts since I visited Hong Kong in February and saw your exhibit at the Peak. I really enjoy your work and thought this article might interest you:


    The Calgary Zoo was recently flooded, which resulted in the deaths of two peacocks, and several tilapia and piranhas. A hippo almost escaped, and two giraffes were left shivering in cold water up to their bellies. Other animals were crowded into shelter on higher ground.


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