dumping or releasing?

release to death


dumping a whale shark? or releasing it? about 8 years ago, a whale shark was caught in a stationery fishing net in southern Taiwan. it was then transferred to the National Marine Life Museum; being a hit of the museum, it has made the museum TW$230 million.
after eight years of captive breeding, the whale shark was released on the 10th this month. years of captive in a small tank has made this giant adopted a circular swimming habit, one that have led him stranded twice after releasing. Despite the fact that it has stranded on the beach and left there exposed in the sunshine for 3 hours, bruised with wounds, the crew pushed him towards the ocean again, it was confirmed dead and sunk. the party responsible for the release didn’t train the whale shark for the nature before releasing it, and they didn’t have any plan b in case something gone wrong. this is like abandoning the whale shark and just dumping it back into the sea. releasing captive bred animals should be much more well planned and taken much more seriously!


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