goodnight hug


小時候睡覺前你會不會撒嬌要爸媽抱?11歲的漢波德企鵝Webster,每晚都要爸爸抱牠才願意乖乖地去睡。Webster才三天大的時候就被親生父母拋棄,動物管理員 John Pickering就把牠帶回家照顧。跟著 Pickering 一家長大,Webster相信自己也是人類,會認得自己的名字。雖然牠已搬到動物園,卻喜歡在爸爸工作時跟著他到處走!

do you need a goodnight hug every night before you go to bed? Webster the humboldt penguin is 11 year-old but still insist her father to hug her before she sleeps! Webster was rejected by her birth parent when she only 3 days old, and zookeeper John Pickering bought her home to her new family. Webster believes she is human and would response to her own name! even though she is now living at the zoo with the other penguins, she still likes to follow her father around when he works!

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