wad 2013




happy world animal day! are you all planning to go to our world animal day exhibition today?
&dear was born two years ago on world animal day! in the past two year, we have been through a lot. from handicraft markets, exhibition, wall painting to organization event, we get to try and learn many new things.
we are very lucky to met a lot of lovely people along the way, and all the positive energy from them has help us scare off all the bad people. we are really thankful to have all the support and help of our family and friends as well.
there are many happy moments with &dear, but there are also lots of hard work behind the screen. but one thing we cannot deny is that we love to play, and because of our animals, we decided we need to play meaningful!
this year’s world animal day, we are lucky to have a group of great artists to celebrate with us! what a wonderful birthday gift!
so, please support our postcard for world animal day project and help our animals!

在10月14日前到 http://soobelly.com/node/579 支持替這活動集資
crowd fund this project on http://soobelly.com/node/579 before Oct 14, 2013

please visit http://www.anddear.com/work/projects/wad-2013.html for more details.

please help us spread the words!

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