“black” dishes


大部分國家都禁止捕捉海豚,但在意大利的一些餐廳竟然能吃到海豚肉!原來那邊的漁民,在非法捕捉海豚後,會把牠們的頭和鰭砍掉來充當鯊魚,避過嫌疑,再以高價出售到餐廳。雖然沒有寫在菜單上,但只要說出暗號 “BLACK”,就能夠點到海豚的菜色。

it’s illegal to catch dolphins in most of the countries, but dolphin dishes are available in some restaurants in italy! italian fishmen would cut of dolphins’ heads and fins after they are caught. then when they are stopped they would say its’ a shark. these dishes would never be written on the menu, but you could order them if you tell them the code “BLACK”.



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