sea turtle conservator

dog sace turtle

家犬也能從事保育工作?Donna 是美國德州一國家公園的海龜復育工作者,主要拯救被海龜媽媽埋得過淺或過深而無法孵化的龜蛋。八年前她發現家犬Ridley的嗅覺特別靈敏,便訓練牠幫助團隊搜尋龜蛋,一起拯救瀕危的肯氏龜。

a pet dog could be a sea turtle conservator? Donna has been working  at the Padre Island National Seashore for 33 years, saving endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle’s eggs. eight years ago, she realized her pet dog Ridley has really sensitive nose and trained him to locate the nests that humans could not find. Ridley has already  saved hundreds of sea turtles throughout his career!

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