saving the cracked egg

taped egg

在紐西蘭,一隻鴞鸚鵡不小心壓碎了自己的蛋,保育員發現後擔心小鴞鸚鵡會因此無法孵化,所以用膠紙和膠水修補。最後小鴞鸚鵡成功順利孵化!瀕危的鴞鸚鵡是世上其中一種最長壽的鳥類,能活95 -120年。

in new zealand, a kakapo parrot accidentally breaks its egg. the conservationists are worrying the chick won’t survive until hatching time, they used tape and glue to repaired the cracked egg. with the help of the conservationists, the egg hatched naturally. kakapo parrot is an endangered species and could life for 95-120 years!膠水膠帶修補破蛋-小鸚鵡奇蹟孵化-044903414.html

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