美國海洋世界 紀錄片「黑鯨」提及殺人鯨需服用藥物令牠們變得温純及容易被人靠近,同時控制被圈養及被迫聽從的精神問題。自影片上映後,美國海洋世界的訪客不斷下降,更多人希望圈養殺人鯨及表演節目能被禁止。

the documentary Blackfish was released last year. it mentioned how killer whales are given drugs to calm and make them easier for the trainers to approach. these drugs also help killer whales control their mental problems for being kept captive and perform at shows. with the release of the film, the number of visitors at the SeaWorld has dropped; more people think these animals should no longer be kept captive and the shows should be stopped.

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