turtle disappearing

Painted terrapin_b

全球除了馬來西亞,已經很難再找到野生河龜。河龜會以種子傳播幫助沼澤森林的成長,維持魚類的棲息所。沼澤更是風暴季節的緩衝防洪區。但牠們繁殖速度緩慢,棲息地被破壞,而且人類取其蛋食用,令牠們數量日漸減少。另外,海龜因生存比率非常低 (1000隻小海龜只有一隻能活到成年) ,及人類非法捕獵,因此同樣面臨滅絕。

it is hard to find wild river turtles around the world except in Malaysia. river turtles play an important rolled of seed-spreading in the swamp forest; what they do not only maintain a home for the fish, but also created a buffer area in the storm seasons.
however, their reproduction rate is very slow, and with loss of habitat and human consuming their eggs, the population of river trulls has been declining. on the other side, with illegal hunting and a very low survival rate (only one out of 1000 baby sea turtles could reach adulthood), sea turtles are also facing serious threat.


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