spider web design

blog_illl187-15 你有細看過蜘蛛網的細緻圖案嗎?原來蜘蛛會精心設計及築自己的網,而這些努力都是為了令自己的網更堅固!每當有獵物落網,蜘蛛只需補回破損的位置即可,不需要浪費精力重新築網。這樣的網同時要讓其他動物看到,被免不必要的破壞。 did you realize a spider would spend a great effort to build its web with different lines and patterns? the web is designed to be stable and strong, and when a bug got caught in it, that will only damage that part of the web, so the spider could simply repair a small section each time instead of rebuilding the whole web. the web patterns are also thought to be used for making the web more visible to non-target species to avoid unnecessary damage. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/blogs/why-spiders-put-designs-in-their-webs

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