little mittens for koalas


澳洲山火禍及當地的動物,當中無尾熊因行動緩慢手腳大多被燒傷。拯救團隊為無尾熊的手腳塗上藥膏及帶上小手套,並為牠們定時換藥。他們於網絡上呼籲民眾幫忙縫製小手套,已得到不少支持。但他們預計會找到更多受傷的無尾熊,所以希望會繼續收到這些小手套。 =

the bushfire in south australia had put many wildlife in danger including the slow-moving koalas. International fund for animal welfare (IFAW) has been saving injured koalas. many of them got burned paws caused by contact with burning trees. these koalas need treatment with burns cream and protected with little cotton mittens. the organization is now asking people to make and donate simple cotton mittens to help the injured koalas.

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