beetle hunters

beetle hunter

捕捉獨角仙 臺灣南投縣魚池鄉大雁村村長為了讓區內小朋友了解獨角仙生態,種植了獨角仙最愛的光蠟樹。每年6至8月獨角仙會飛上光蠟樹吸取樹液,有人趁機到村內捕捉獨角仙轉賣給寵物店或做標本圖利。

the chief of a village in Nantou county of Taiwan would like to provide a chance for the children to learn about beetles and ecology, so he planted lots of Fraxinus formosana Hayata, a tree that provide beetles’s favorite food. every year from june to august, beetles would come for these tree. however, some people seize this opportunity to capture these beetles, then they sold to pet shop or turn them to specimen for profit.獨角仙藏商機-投出現「甲蟲獵人」

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