giraffes hunted into extinction


giraffe hunted to extinct

非洲剛果的長頸鹿一直受到棲地被破壞及非法捕獵所威脅。當地及坦尚尼亞人相信長頸鹿的腦和骨髓可以治療 HIV 病毒,而且皮可用作時裝服飾,導致牠們成為盜獵者的目標。剛果長頸鹿在數量已極少的情況下,於過去兩年來少了 350 隻,目前只剩 38 頭!難道在我們有生之年又要見證另一物種的滅絕?

in Congo, kordofan giraffes are threaten by habitat lost and illegal hunting. many believe giraffes’ brain tissue and bone marrow can cure HIV, and their beautiful skin is used for luxury products. there are only 38 kordofan giraffes in the garamba park, and we lost 350 of them in just two years! do we have to witness the extinction of another species in our lifetime?

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