dory in danger


they are not nemo and dory.

大多數人都認識 finding nemo 中的小丑魚,而這動畫令大家喜歡了小丑魚,更間接引發小丑魚寵物潮,令牠們面對被過度捕捉的威脅。快將上影 finding dory,很多保育人士都擔心當中主角擬刺尾鯛又會引發寵物熱潮,危害這些物種。希望大家別受電影影響,好好保護珍貴的海洋生物。

everyone knows about the clownfish in the animation, finding nemo. the crazy love for nemo made viewers want to have their own clownfish as pet, and this created a big impact on the clownfish population. the new movie finding dory is coming out soon, and many are worrying blue tang fish would face the same threat as clownfish. please protect and love our marine friends.

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