norway deforestation ban

norway forest

挪威成為首個立法禁止砍伐森林的國家,希望能從供應鏈上打擊砍伐森林的原材料,如棕樹油、木材、大豆等。地球上 40% 的樹林於 2000 年至 2011 年間被砍伐,而 15% 的溫室氣體排放是砍伐森林所造成。挪威政府多年來積極保護各地的樹林,現在更推行零伐木政策。

Norway became the first country to ban deforestation. Norway would like to fight the supply chain linked to deforestation, such as palm oil, timber and soy. 40% of the forest was gone between 2000 to 2011 because of deforestation. 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are caused by deforestation. Norway has been protecting forests and stopping logging in other countries, and now they decided to go for a zero deforestation policy.


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