relocating elephants


1500 頭非洲象聚集在 Malawi 保護區吸引了大量捕獵者,所以專家計劃把其中五百頭大象,送往一個較大較安全的保護區繼續繁殖。因亞洲市場對象牙的需求,平均每15分鐘就有一頭大象被殺害,這樣下去到2025年大象就會於滅絕!

there are around 1500 elephants living together in the Malawi reserve, and this large population attracted many illegal poachers. experts planed to move 500 of the group to a larger and safer reserve. due to the great demand for ivory, an elephant is killed every 15 minutes everyday, and if this continues, they would be extinct by 2025.

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