sheep view 360

sheep 360.jpg

很多人都有透過google map找路或看其他國家的景象,位於北大西洋的法羅群島,地方小亦只有五萬居民,他們想發展旅遊業但google map上並沒有當地的街景,所以他們把360度攝影機安裝在羊身上,透過定時拍攝取得島上美景。因為羊能爬到人或車無法到達的高山峭壁,所以拍出來的照片更俱特色!

many of us use google map to get directions or check out other countries. the Faroe Islands in North Atlantic is very small with only 50 thousand residents; to promote their tourism, they would like to include their street view on google map as well. so they attached a 360-degree camera onto a sheep, and film while they are roaming on the islands. sheep are able to get to places human or cars couldn’t reach, like high mountains and cliffs. so the sheep are able to capture some special, beautiful photo of the islands.唔肯幫手-居民以羊袋車自製360街景-170436607.html

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