leo the lion passed away



喬治亞州一個野生動物保護區有三兄弟,牠們分別是黑熊、老虎及獅子。當牠們還小的時候,警方在2001年一次掃毒行動中發現牠們被困於狹小的籠內。自此牠們被送往保護區一起長大,形影不離。可惜最近獅子 Leo 因肝臟腫瘤離開了。

there are three brothers in Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, and they are a lion, a black bear and a tiger. they were rescued from a drug baron’s home in 2001. they were then sent to the sanctuary and became inseparable. Sadly, Leo the lion has recently passed away due to liver tumors, left behind his brothers Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear.


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