bison poisoned


保育人員花了7年時間嘗試再度引入已在西班牙滅絕的野牛。直到去年終於成功野放了12 頭,但最近發現有人非法毒殺牠們,而屍體更被砍掉頭部!相信是為取野牛頭作標本。這次事件對保育團隊的打擊非常嚴重,多年來的努力因自私的不法之徒而浪費了。

bison was once extinct in Spain, and conservation group spent 7 year working on reintroducing them back to the area. a herd of 12 bisons were brought to the reserve last year, and now they are poisoned! the dominant male was the first to die, and its body was headless. it’s believed its head was taken away to sold as a trophy. this attack has put the team’s hard work and investment in jeopardy.

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