snow geese die in toxic open pit mine




近萬隻雪雁南遷過冬時,降落在美國蒙大拿州的布萊克礦井休息。這270公尺深的廢棄礦井自1982已關閉,現裝有 1,750億公升的有毒強酸水。雖然已設置嚇阻候鳥的裝置,但也阻止不了這次近萬隻雪雁葬身礦井的意外。

in Montana, thousands of snow geese decided to take a rest at the abandoned pit mine during migration. this pit was closed in 1982 and now filled with 1,750 billion liters of acidic toxic water. even though there are devices to help scare off the birds, but somehow it was able to stop this accident that caused the death of nearly ten thousand snow geese.

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