vika finally found

vika - the new mammal

一直流傳所羅門群島上有一種樹棲巨鼠,有強勁的牙齒能咬碎椰子殻。科學家努力尋找多年亦只能找到被咬了大洞的椰子。最近終於在一棵被砍下的樹上找到這隻身長半米的 Vika 巨鼠,可惜牠受了傷,不久便死去。但這次意外終於證實了 Vika 的存在。

people living on the solomon islands said there is a big, tree-dwelling rat living in the forest; this rat has strong teeth that could crack open coconuts. scientists spent years trying to look for this rat, but they could open find coconuts with large chew holes. until recently, this mysterious half meter long Vika was found on a felled tree! it was injured and died shortly. but this discover proved the existence of Vika.


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