the ‘last’ sehuencas water frog


像其他兩棲動物,sehuencas 水蛙 (Telmatobius yuracare) 同樣面對各種威脅,
科學家於十年前在野外找到 Romeo 作保育研究,本想再找一隻雌性作配偶,卻沒想到花了十年時間也無法實現,他們開始懷疑 Romeo 是最後一隻Sehuencas水蛙。

like other amphibians, the sehuencas water frog (Telmatobius yuracare) are in danger as well. biologists found Romeo in the wild 10 years ago, hoping to find a female for him to start a conservation breeding program. however, after all these years they still couldn’t find another sehuencas water frog. they started to believe Romeo is the last sehuencas water frog.

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