adopt pig for food

adopt pig for eat

加拿大一個動物團體拯救了家豬molly,經照料後康復,更被領養了。怎料數星期後,新主人表示因無法照顧 molly,竟把牠吃掉了。動物團體表示震驚及悲傷,但在加拿大殺掉自己所擁有的動物不是犯法的。

molly, a pet pig, was rescued by an animal group in canada; with great care, she was soon recovered and was adopted by a couple. however, after a few weeks, her new owners found keeping a pet pig is too difficult, and decided to kill and ate molly. the animal group is shock and upset about what happened, but killing own animal in canada is not illegal.

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