pollution in delhi

delhi frog with no eyes

印度德里是全世界污染最嚴重的城市之一,除了影響人類健康,也使生物的棲息地環境惡化。最新研究發現,新一代的小雨蛙(Microhyla Ornata)因污染及毒素導致出現「無眼畸形症」,很多沒有長出雙眼或只有右眼。

delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, that not only affect human health, it also damage the habitat of other wildlife. new generation of a yellowish brown frog, Microhyla ornata, is showing physical deformities with the left or both eyes missing. they are suffering from anophthalmia mainly because of pollution and parasitic infection.



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