chinese giant salamander

wrong way to help giant salamander

娃娃魚 (中國大鯢)是世上體型最大的兩棲類動物,因有極高的進化獨特性而被稱活化石。原本廣泛分佈在長江、黃河及珠江流域,但研究團隊花數年時間也無法找到任何野生的個體。

the chinese giant salamander is the world’s largest amphibian is considered to be a living fossil. they were originally widely distributed in the Yangtze, Yellow and Pearl Rivers. however, researchers spent years searching but were unable to find any wild-born individuals.
back in the 1970s, giant salamanders were overfished to endangered as luxury food. the government then encouraged people to captive breed  them and release back to the wild. without sufficient knowledge, different species of wild salamanders were poached to the farms and created hybrids, they were then being released to locations that might not match with their geographic origins. as a result, this big mess is creating more threats to the giant salamanders.

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