rising sea level might wipe out swallowtail



黃鳳蝶(papilio machaon)是英國最大型的蝴蝶,牠們的幼蟲只會食用前胡 (Peucedanum palustre)。但氣候變化令水位上升,前胡的棲息地預計於40年內變成鹽沼。這些前胡將會消失,令黃鳳蝶無法繁殖下一代。保育團體希望能另覓適合前胡的地方,保護這些珍貴的野生動植物。

The swallowtail is Britain’s biggest butterfly, and its caterpillar only feed on milk parsley. With climate change and rising sea level, milk parsley ‘s habitat would turn into salt marshes within 40 decades; the swallowtail will lost their breeding sites as milky parsley would not survive. conservation groups are hoping to find a suitable location to translocate the milky parsley in order to save these important wildlife


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