in Brazil, some maned wolves that live along the border between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais are losing their fur. they were diagnosed with skin disease caused by mites from domestic dogs. Human activities like soy farming and cattle ranching are causing deforestation in the areas; maned wolves are threatened by habitat lost; the chance of contact with human has increased and could result in virus infestation. 



Young male regent honeyeaters will learn their songs from elder males after they leave the nest. 90% of their habitat is lost because of human developments; there are only around 300 of them in the wild now, and are listed as critically endangered. With such small population, young males are unable to meet other elder males, and ended up learning other birds’ songs. Singing the wrong song means females might not mate with them. Without breading, they are moving closer to extinction. 




自2021年初以來,佛羅里達州已有430多隻西印度海牛死亡,主要是因為食物短缺而餓死。 污染導致有害藻類暴發性大量生長並阻擋陽光,令海牛的主要食物-海草-無法生長,最後因糧食短缺餓死。

Over 430 West Indian manatees in Florida died since the beginning of 2021 mainly because they were starving. Pollution is causing continuous algal blooms and blocking out sunlight which is vital for seagrass growth, leaving manatees without food and starve to death. 




A wolf in a zoo in Hubei Province, china, has passed away recently and was replaced with a Rottweiler, the zoo’s watchdog, and caused a great attention and debate on social media platform. Beside this, there were other similar cases across china in the recently years. one of them listed a Tibetan mastiff as an African lion, and the other one promised to have penguins but at the end only display inflatable penguins. 




Pygmy hog is the smallest wild pig in the world and is also one of the rarest. it inhabits grasslands of the southern Himalayan foothills and is one of the few mammals that can build nest. its major threat was burning of grassland for agriculture. It was thought to be extinct in 1960s until it was rediscovered in 1971. with years of conservation work and breeding programme, 85 pygmy hogs were released to the wild in Assam, India since 1995. 





13 more endemic species in Australia listed as extinct recently, including 12 mammals and 1 reptile. Expert stated feral cat was the main cause of their extinction; habitat loss, the introduction of foxes and bushfires also threatened them. Australia has the highest extinction rate of any country in the world in the past 200 years.




Freshwater habitats like wetlands, lakes, streams and rivers, is facing serious damages and threats. Human activities like dam constructions, overfishing and destructive fishing, climate change, household and industrial pollution, etc. have put 1/3 of the world’s freshwater fish species at risk of extinction. 16 species of them were extinct in 2020.





Salmonellosis is a fatal bird disease and is killing birds in Washington state. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking people to take down their backyard bird feeders until April to avoid birds to gather and spread the disease.




in UK, the invasive grey squirrels have been a threat to the native red squirrels since the late 19th century. They are competing for food and are spreading a fatal virus to the red squirrels. they are also damaging trees through bark stripping. to reduce their population and save the native red squirrels, scientists are planning to place hazelnut spread with contraceptives in feeding spots only the grey squirrels can access. 




96 of the 217 known chameleon species are endemic to Madagascar. Large amount of them are being caught in the wild for pet trade, some locals even take the risk to collect them illegally in protected areas. The estimated number of chameleon being illegally smuggled is 10 to 100 times more than the number for legal trade. Collecting chameleons could case stress, injury or even death to them. Chameleons are not easy to keep as pet, and when they get sick or die, people usually would buy a new one rather than paying for the expensive veterinary fees.