peak to fong 2013


這個星期天&dear將會參加救狗之家peak to fong在蘭桂坊的嘉年華。救狗之家亦會於同日推出&dear為他們繪畫的10週年義賣產品!請來支持我們和救狗之家,及與一眾狗狗一起玩吧!
時候: 11月17日(星期日) — 11am – 4pm
地點: 蘭桂坊
&dear is going to be a hong kong dog rescue (hkdr) peak to fong street party this coming sunday. hkdr will be launching their 10th anniversary products designed by &dear as well! please come support us and hkdr, and enjoy a great day with lovely dogs!
time: nov 17 (sunday) — 11am – 4pm
venue: lan kwai fong

27-10-2013 @ vision workshop

vision workshop

今個週末開始,&dear的世界動物日巡迴畫展將會來到我們的第四站 — 義匠工房。
星期日,我們更邀得兩個受惠機構到場分享,同場還有 &dear 的紙牌動物工作坊和護鯊行動的拍照攤位!

our world animal day exhibition is going to it’s fourth station, vision workshop, this coming weekend!
we would be having a little sharing party with our two beneficiary organizations, Eco-education & Resources Centre (ERC) and Shark Savers (Hong Kong). there would also be &dear shark workshop and Shark Savers photo booth!
come join us!

日期 date:27-10-2013  (sun)
時間 time:5 – 7pm
地址 address:官塘工業中心一期 3 樓 J-K
3/F Flat J-K, Phase 1, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, hong kong

WAD 2013 art jamming party

art jam

世界動物日的巡展將於10月12日進駐 Platform Art jamming studio! 誠意邀請你來跟我們其中幾個artists一起art jam!到時候我們可一起創作,更可即場購買postcard 讓artists 簽名留筆!

日期: 13/10/2013
時間: 14:00-18:00
地點: PLATFORM ART Jamming Studio
費用: $20


postcard for world animal day 2013


世界動物日明信片義賣 postcard for world animal day

為了今年的世界動物日,我們連同十個本地創作單位 cross over 繪畫了十款動物明信片作義賣。藝術創作者大多習慣獨立創作,我們希望能製造一個機會,讓大家一起合作和交流,每一幅畫都滆合了&dear和另一個單位的意念和風格。這十款明信片所籌得的款項能幫助生態教育及資源中心和護鯊行動繼續保護我們的生態和動物。
for this years’ world animal day, we have invited a group of artists to create a set of cross-over postcard for charitable purpose, using animals as a theme. as artist usually work on their own, we would like to create a chance for different artists to work together. every postcard is created by &dear and another artist, combining our styles and thoughts. with the profit of this project, we would like to raise money to help Eco-education & Resources Centre and Shark Savers (Hong Kong) to continue their great work of protecting our environment and animals.


巡展日期exhibition dates

sep 27 – oct 11 | boom gallery & cafe
48 sai street, sheung wan | 3 – 10 pm daily 

oct 12 – 18, 21 – 25 | platfrom art jamming studio
1/f, 47 granville road, tsim sha tsui

oct 19 – 20 | green upcycling carnival at lamma
yung shue wan football court, lamma island

oct 26 – nov 10 | vision workshop
3/f flat j-k, phase 1, kwun tong industrial centre

nov 11 – nov 24 | jockey club creative arts centre
L5, 30 pak tin street, shek kip mei


selling points 寄賣點

&dear online shop

boom gallery & cafe
G/F, 48 Sai Street, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong Rabbit Society
Room 502, 5/F, Fuk Hong Industrial Building, 60-62 Tong Mei Road, Mongkok

Lamma Corner
no. 92A, Yung Shue Wan Main Street, Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island, Hong Kong

3 Tung Wan Road, Cheung Chau

Platform Art jamming studio
1/F, 47 Granville Road,Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

vision workshop
3/F Flat J-K, Phase 1, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, hong kong
官塘工業中心一期 3 樓 J-K


關於受惠機構 about the beneficiary organizations

Eco-education & Resources Centre 生態教育及資源中心

ERC aims at promoting eco-education and environmental conservation through community involvement. Ecotourism is an important part of eco-education, however, the involvement of the general public in conservation and research programme further fortifies the link between nature appreciation and environmental protection.
「生態教育及資源中心」(ERC)是由一群熱心推動生態旅遊的專業人士組成,認為要成功踏上生態之旅的第 一步,就需要努力令小朋友及年青一代對生態旅遊有進一步的認識,透過不同的渠道,將生態保育概念普 及化 。

Shark Savers (Hong Kong) 護鯊行動(香港)

Shark Savers is an international non-profit marine conservation organisation, dedicated to saving sharks through building awareness, education and grassroots action. Shark Savers has brought her “I’m FINished with Fins” campaign to Hong Kong, calling for 100,000 Hong Kong citizens to pledge online ( and never consume shark fins soup again.
護鯊行動是一個國際性的非牟利海洋保育組織,致力透過公眾教育和在全球的切實行動,拯救全球與日俱減 的鯊魚和魟魚族群。護鯊行動在香港發起「一翅都唔食」全民運動,旨在提高大眾對鯊魚保育的意識,並集 合十萬香港市民到運動網頁(承諾停止食用魚翅。


participating artist 參與藝術單位

ballzi yau
jane lee
kafka poon
kila cheung
ross sit
william tong
yoko wong


crowd fund this project on before Oct 14, 2013
在10月14日前到 支持替這活動集資

please visit for more details.

please help us spread the words!

apm weekend art bazaar – jul2013

apm poster

這個週末(7月20、21號)我們將會參加apm周末創意市集(香港觀塘道418號apm L7),記得在下午一時至十時來 找我們吧!
還可以順便到官塘工業中心(exit D4)看看我們的壁畫!

we are going to be at apm weekend art bazaar this coming weekend (jul 20-21)! we will be there from 1-10pm so please come visit us at apm (L7, No. 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon)!
you can also check out our newly done wall painting at kwun tong industrial centre (mtr exit D4) !

jun 2013 @ PopCorn



&dear將會在這星期六、日(6月22、23日), 上午11時至晚上6時,出席將軍澳港鐵商場PopCorn(將軍澳地鐵站C出口)的PopCorn 初夏慈善露天潮市集。義賣中的部份收支同樣會撥捐救世軍作慈善用途。到時見!

&dear is going to be at PopCorn in Tseung Kwan O (Tseung Kwan O station, exit C) the weekend of jun 22, 23 from 11am to 6pm.
this is going to be a charity bazaar and part of our profit is going to be donated to The Salvation Army. see you there!

the ugly animal preservation society



you will immediately think of a cute, furry panda when taking about conservation, but there are a lot of endangered animals out there who don’t get the attention and help that they deserved just because they are aesthetically challenged i.e. they look ugly. Like the Myers’ Surinam toad, which looks like it’s been squashed in a road accident, even though its population is under the same threat as the tiger, it is not treated with the same conservation affections. other “ugly” animals like the proboscis monkey and the blobfish are also on the edge of extinction. there are more than 200 species becoming extinct everyday, if conservation efforts are only focused on the cute and cuddly ones, the rest would be in huge threat. this is why the Ugly Animal Preservation Society was born, to raise the voice for the ugly endangered animals so that they would be treated with the same level of attention, preventing extinction.

stuffed buddy

love dolls


not only children love stuffed toys, animals could get comfort from a teddy bear as well. Breeze, a pony , was abandoned when it was only a few hours old. he was then sent to the mare and foal sanctuary where he is given food and medication, as well as a giant teddy bear. this teddy could keep Breeze company and comfort him, just like the way soft toys do for human babies.英國熊寶寶扮演馬媽媽-035300948.html