hoan kiem swinhoe softshell turtle

hoan kiem turtle


the critically endangered swinhoe softshell turtle is one of the world’s largest turtle. there are only four of these freshwater turtles left on earth; two of them in vietnam, and the other two in china. recently, one of the swinhoe softshell turtle that lives in Hoan Kiem lake in central Hanoi, vietnam, was found dead, and it was said to be 80-100 years old.



trap prey for later



how could you keep your food fresh without a refrigerator? Eleonora’s falcons have been observed trapping their preys fresh by jamming them in rock crevasses for later meals. they often do that when they rear their chicks, to ensure they got enough food to feed.



US banning microbeads




the US government approved a bill on banning products that contain microbeads, which includes many daily products like toothpastes, facial soaps, bodywahses,etc. these microbeads are too tiny theta they couldn’t be filtered before they wash out to the ocean and highly damaging our ocean and wildlife. US is not one of the top countries that produce the most ocean plastic waste, but new york state alone is producing 19tons of microbeads that ends up in our ocean each year!



beavers moved-in



a pair of beavers have recently moved to a man-made pond of the Olympic Village in Vancouver. they are spotted swimming, felling trees and building dam. there is a big chance they are starting a family there. the park has no plan of removing or relocating the beavers, but they have wrapped large and more vulnerable trees with metal mesh to protect them from the beavers.


Leave it to beavers: Toothy rodents fell dozens of trees in Vancouver

cage-free eggs

eat free chicken egg



caged chicken are packed in small cages with bad living environment and easily to catch disease. 15 chain restaurants in america pledged to move to 100% cage-free eggs in their supply chains on different timelines. beside that, some of the biggest food producers have also made commitment to swtich to cage-free eggs. as more are willing to meet cage-free demand, hopefully this could eliminate the traditional cages for chicken farming.



poaching “guide”

steal guide


when scientists discover a new species, they usually would reveal geographical data in the academic journal. however, black market traders and poachers would use these information to collect these rare species. scientists are now thinking about prohibiting the publication of location data of endangered species, in order to avoid becoming the accomplices in putting them in greater danger.



sea otter baby



a wild sea otter has been visiting monterey bay aquarium’s outdoor pool quite often. as it’s rare for a healthy sea otter to visit the pool, so the staff started to worry if it is alright. until one morning, they found a new pup resting on its belly, and realized it was looking for a safe place to give birth.


opens door for stray dogs

cafe let dog sleep


a cafe in Greece let its door open for stray dogs to rest. there are many stray dogs in Greece, and many of the local people would put collards on them to prevent them being put in shelters. people would feed and care for these dogs, and these stray dogs became pet of the community.



orangutan has sense of humor

monkey like magic
a man showed an orangutan in the zoo a simple magic trick, and the orangutan watched through the glass wall and collapsed in laughters. this showed that human is not the only animal that has sense of humor.




HD TVs for lemurs and langurs


an animal reserve in southeast england is showing their lemurs and langurs photo of their native homes on a big HD TVs. they want to let them have a taste of their original homes before they are reintroduced and established back to the wild.