HD TVs for lemurs and langurs


an animal reserve in southeast england is showing their lemurs and langurs photo of their native homes on a big HD TVs. they want to let them have a taste of their original homes before they are reintroduced and established back to the wild.



soften sea butterfly


pteropods are tiny snails that salmon, whales, and other marine creatures would eat. carbon dioxide from human activities increased the acidity of the seawater and the water becomes more corrosive. this not only causing pteropods’ shells to dissolve, this would also damage the ocean food chain.


cinderella tiger



back in 2012, a four-month old Amur tiger was found starving and frostbite in Russia. it spent months at a rehab center for tigers where it recovered and learnt hunting skills. it was released into the forest in 2013, and now she recently gave birth of two cubs in the wild. this is an amazing news to the conservation groups as they not only successfully saved a tiger, but it also could hunts and gives birth of a new generation.


all i want for christmas is a goat



a swedish charity would like to give a pair of goat to families in areas of great poverty, hoping to help them step out of poverty and build up a sustainable way of living. the organization created a set of christmas carols called “All I Want for Christmas is a Goat” with screams of goats, hoping to fundraise for their project. the songs are not as easy listening but they raise awareness of the situations and how goats could help change it.


700 hunters vs 1 wolf



there are around 30 wolves in southeast norway. hunting is an important tradition for Norwegians, the Norwegian Association for Fishing and Hunting decided to allow 16 kills for this hunting seasons. over 11,000 hunters registered for permits, and so there are over 700 hunters would be hunting for one wolf.





elephants seek human help



earlier this year, three elephants arrived an elephant reintegration center after they got shot with poison arrows. these elephants have never been to this center before, but one of them mated with two elephants that were released back to the wild about 4 years ago. this shows that elephants are smart and social animals; they would share information, and could also distinguishing good and bad human. with help of the center’s staff, these elephants have all made a full recovery at the center.


dam projects put irrawaddy dolphin at risk

dam affect irrawaddy dolphin


after years of cooperating with the Cambodian government to protect habitat and remove illegal gill nets, conservation group helped to reduced the annual decline rate of the critically endangered Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin. however, they are now building 11 hydropower dams along the Mekong! this not only brings noise pollution that would damage the sensitive hearing, it would also reduce the dolphins’ food supply as fish would migration or due to their habitat being damaged. there are only 80-100 Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins left, and these dam projects would put them in even greater risk.



mall cancels penguin event



a mall in UK would like to bring humboldt penguins to their christmas events; they explained it is an educational event where the public could meet the endangered penguins and gain more awareness. however, animal rights group said it is not right to use wild animals as “entertainments” and that penguins do not belong to the busy city; they are concern for the penguins. the mall cancelled their event at the end.


logging suspension to protect swift parrot

swift parrot stop logging


there are only 2000 swift parrot in the wild, and Bruny Island in Australia is one of the important habitat for their migration and breeding. they are not threatened by the sugar glider on this island, but their home is being destroyed by logging activities. the logging is on temporary suspension but still unsure whether they would ban any future logging.



farewell Nola


直至上月,全球有四隻北非白犀牛,可惜其中41歲的 Nola 近日病逝,現在世上只餘下三隻北非白犀牛。

until last month, there were for northern white rhinoceros on earth, but 41-year-old Nola passed away recently. only three remaining northern white rhinos in the world.