China has promised to crack down on illegal pangolin trading,but still allowing at least 221 companies to own legal license to sell items that contained pangolin scales; they also allow pharmaceutical companies to use pangolin scales to manufacture related products. Pangolin is critically endangered  and is the most illegally trafficked mammals.




A pharmaceutical company in UK intends to produce 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine with squalene, an oil harvested from shark livers. To produce enough vaccine for infected patients worldwide, at least five hundred thousand sharks will be killed. in average, around 3 million sharks are killed for squalene yearly to manufacture medicines, cosmetics, health products, etc.; a sudden increase in the demand of squalene would create more threats to the shark population. relying on a wild animal resources for a global need is not sustainable and there should be other alternatives. 





Pollination is a very important part in the ecosystem, and most of that rely on insects. Study found high ozone air pollution will affect communication between flowers and pollinators. For example, tobacco hawkmoth lost attraction to the scent of their preferred flowers, but this moth has an advantage as they can also use their vision and ability to learn to get to their flowers.Researchers worry about other insects that rely only on scents would be greatly affected and the ecosystem would be damaged.




Over 300 African elephants mysteriously died in May and June of this year; they were not killed by poachers as heir tucks were not removed. researchers found out their death could be due to cyanobacteria toxins from waterholes. During the rainy season, there were harmful algal blooms triggered by climate change in the waterholes where the elephants bath and drink, and 70% of these elephants were found dead near these waterholes that produce cyanobacteria




In a cemetery in Montreal, Canada, human bones and pieces of casket could be found on scattered on grass sometimes. it turns out groundhogs are the one that dig them out to pare down their teeth! The cemetery staff said because the number of foxes decreases, there are more groundhogs around in recent years. If the staff come across any bones, they will put them back to the nearby hole to burry again.




Norway developed road networks and tourism in the higher elevations. The increase of traffic caused more wildlife road kills, and human’s litters attracted red foxes and crows to come and search for food, causing threats to the arctic foxes there and forcing them to move higher up the mountains. Red foxes are also larger in size and there are incidences of them killing arctic foxes. The invasion of red foxes not only affecting the arctic foxes, but also other wildlife like ptarmigan and the local ecosystem.




The Australian government permitted the export of 232 protected and endangered native birds during 2015-2018, to a zoo in Berlin for exhibitions. However, these exhibitions were never freely opened to the public and caused suspicion. Now there are suspicions of these birds and and their offsprings are being sold, the environment ministers of Australia decided to carry out an investigation.




A blue butterfly,Celastrina ogasawaraensis,  endemic to the Ogasawara Islands of Japan, was listed as endangered species in 2000; they were mainly threatened by invasive species. there are breeding program since 2005, but without any success, and all the adults and larvae were dead recently which might be caused by inbreeding. Since 2016, there are no field record of this butterfly and this species might be the first Japanese butterfly species to go extinct. 





in the Republic of Congo, an ivory poacher and trafficker, Guyvanho, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. In the past 12 years, he has leaded 25 other poachers to killed over 500 African elephants; he also injured and attempted to murder park rangers. He was arrested before but escaped; he was arrested again last May.

剛果盜獵大戶 殺害大象逾500隻 攻擊護林員橫行12載 終於判刑30年





Nearly 3 billion wild animals were killed or displaced by the brushfire in 2019 and 2020 in Australia, and over 2 billion of those were reptiles like lizards and snakes. Reptiles can be found in many different habitats and play a very important role in the food chain in the ecosystem. There are around 1020 known species of lizard and snake in Australia, and 96% of them are endemic. however, little research and conversation work are related to them, mainly because the public concern and support for these cold blood animal is low.