releasing american lobster and crabs in uk



two chinese released 361 american lobsters and 350 dungeness crabs in the english channel two years ago, and they are recently being fined for causing damage to the environment. these lobster and crabs would bring foreign diseases, and some of the lobsters were carrying eggs and are breeding in the area. these invasive species not only damaged the local species, it also affected the local fishing industry as well.


finland fox farms

finlan fur monster


foxes in the some of the fox farms in finland are fattened up to over 5 times of their normal weigh! these foxes are kept in cages and they could barely open their eyes or move because of their weight. they are bred for the fashion industry and the farms want to get as much fur as possible from a fox when skinning them.

frogs riding buffaloes



in the marshes in Turkey, water buffalos would carry some marsh frogs on their backs. these frogs would feed on the insects in the buffalos’ hair, and could absorb heats from the buffalos when the weather turns cool. with less files and parasites, the buffalos are also healthier.

illegal waste dumping

elephant eat plastic


illegal waste dumping is a serous problem in west bengal, india. these human waste includes lots of plastic and toxic waste, and are usually dumped near the edge of local forests. wild animals like elephants, bulls and wild boars would mistaken those waste as food and consume them.

reintroduce eastern indigo snake



the eastern indigo snake has been reintroduced in Florida. this is the longest native snake in the america, and was last seen in northern Florida in 1982 because of habitat loss. it is one of the top predators in the area and it’s return is important in restoring the ecosystem.

miami zoo prepares for hurricane



before the major hurricane arrive, the zoo keepers in zoo miami is busy making sure their animals are in safe place. many of them were kept inside concrete enclosures and some are kept in their night houses. moving these animals out of their usual environment could bring them great pressure, but in order to protect the animals it’s still necessary.


rediscover saki monkey




the Vanzolini bald-faced saki monkey was last seen alive in 1936. after 80 years, a research team spotted this mysterious monkey along the Eiru River in amazon! the team was very excited about this discovery but they also found our they are facing many threats including hunting, deforestation and other human activities.