UK cold spring



spring began in Britain and the cold snap is causing flight cancellations and road blocks, as well as other problems to our nature and wildlife. the number of insect and butterfly will reduce, and led to food shortage for migrating birds and those that begun nesting. frozen lakes and ponds will also affect population of frogs and other amphibians.


pine martens could save red squirrels



a recent research in UK found out that the invasive grey squirrels are less aware of the risk of pine martens, making them an easier prey for the pine martens than red squirrels. the study suggest if the population of pine marten grows, the number of grey squirrel would falls and benefit the red squirrels.

illegal trading of jaguars





the chinese construction projects in over 60 countries created many opportunities for illegal smuggling of wildlife. the endangered jaguars is one of the threatened species. different parts of the jaguar like teeth, bones and skins are being smuggled back to china. over a hundred of jaguars were killed in less than a year time.–fangs-chinese-medicine-trade

36 exotic animal stolen from sanctuary




in florida, a fake advertisement claims a wildlife sanctuary is going out of business and all the exotic animals are free to take. 36 exotic animals including lemurs, monkeys, birds and tortoises were stolen. this incident could be related to illegal trade in exotic species.

no new births of right whale

no whale baby after breeding season


there are only around 430 north atlantic right whale left in the wild, and no calves were born in this year’s breeding season. the numbers and reproduction rate are dropping; 82% of premature deaths are caused by entanglement in fishing line. global warming also caused the shortage of their main food source, phytoplankton.

collecting echidnas data



the short-beaked echidna is found only in australia and papua new guinea; they have been living on earth for over 25 million years. however, they are threatened mainly by habitat lost, invasive species and climate change. in order to learn more about the population of the short-beaked echidna, researchers developed an app and called for the public to help record locations of echidnas or their scats.

adopt pig for food

adopt pig for eat

加拿大一個動物團體拯救了家豬molly,經照料後康復,更被領養了。怎料數星期後,新主人表示因無法照顧 molly,竟把牠吃掉了。動物團體表示震驚及悲傷,但在加拿大殺掉自己所擁有的動物不是犯法的。

molly, a pet pig, was rescued by an animal group in canada; with great care, she was soon recovered and was adopted by a couple. however, after a few weeks, her new owners found keeping a pet pig is too difficult, and decided to kill and ate molly. the animal group is shock and upset about what happened, but killing own animal in canada is not illegal.