Kakapo is a critically endangered species; there were only around 50 of them left living on Stewart Island of New Zealand in 1995, and now there are around 200 of them on the island. Scientists worry the population of kakapo is too small and inbreeding will cause more harmful mutations and lead to genetic diseases. However, a recent study found that there are actually fewer harmful mutation in their genes than scientists expected, some original harmful mutations have disappeared as well. 





during the coronavirus lockdown, the adoptions rate increased in many areas. however, the number of people giving up their pet dogs has raised since UK lifted the restrictions in July. Charity said the inquiries about abandonments increased and they are worried about there will be an abandonment boom.



英國最近的蜻蜓研究發現,自1970年起有40%的蜻蜓品種有增加,11%數量下降。 現時英國的蜻蜓當中,有六種是因氣候變化往北遷到英國範圍,有專家擔心新物種或會與原生物種競爭資源及造成威脅,而類似情況亦有在加拿大及美國發生。

A recent Bristish dragonfly study discovered since 1970, around 40% of the species increased in numbers, while 11% decreased. Among all dragonfly species in UK, six of them moved north to UK due to climate change. Experts worry these species may compete with native species for resources and create threats. Similar trends was observed in Canada and US as well. 




20 tons of dead fish and crustacean were washed ashore recently in Mar Menor lagoon in southeastern Spain. That region is one of the major agricultural production area. Large amount of pollutants that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and other chemical fertilizers entered the lagoon, causing algae blooms which consume oxygen in water and lead to suffocation on marine creatures. the public gathered to protest and urge for investigations on the problem; Spanish authorities are going to tighten a ban on the use of harmful fertilizers. 




In UK, a greyhound donated its blood 22 times in the past six years and helped around 88 dogs. But it has recently reached the age of 9 and has to retire as donation is only taken from dog aged from one to eight. Negative blood can be given to any dog but only around 30% of the dogs has this blood type; and this greyhound is one of them. 



一名男子在愛爾蘭游泳失踪了近 12 個小時,海岸拯救隊搜索多時仍未能成功。最後團隊發現了一群海豚,牠們正圍著這名失蹤男子!救援人員認為這些海豚可能嘗試幫助男子回到岸邊,因為牠們並沒有攻擊性。男子最後成功獲救並送往醫院。

In Ireland, a swimmer was missing for almost 12 hours, and the rescue team were out searching for him. After hours of searching, the team spotted a group of dolphins and they were surrounding the lost swimmer! The rescuers believed the dolphins were trying to help the swimmer to reach the shore as they were not aggressive. The swimmer was rescued and transported to the hospital. 




Peatland at Holcombe Moor in UK has dried out because of pollutions, fires and overgrazing in the past 1Peatland at Holcombe Moor in UK has dried out because of pollutions, fires and overgrazing in the past 150years. To restore the peatland, 3500 scallop-shaped bunds were installed by National Trust to help trap water to keep the peatland wet as well as absorbing CO2. This project hopes by improving the health of the peatland, it can boost biodiversity can be boosted to attract more wildlife to inhabit and prevent flooding.




British and Danish research groups discovered a way to detect DNA from the air and tested it in a zoo. They were able to found DNA of different animals including mammals, birds, reptiles and even fish in the pond. Even though they are not able to detect the releasing time of the DNA, and not able to know how long it survives in the air, but this discover will help to detect animal presence in a more flexible and less disturbing way. 



研究發現,果蝠在覓食時也會像人類一樣做出非理性的選擇。 當研究員給果蝠成熟的木瓜及成熟的香蕉去選擇時,牠們對兩者都沒有特別的偏好; 但當加入未成熟的香蕉作第三種選擇時,牠們會更喜歡成熟的香蕉。 這表示添加誘餌作對比後會改變牠們的行為。

A study found that fruit bats will make irrational choices when picking on food similar to human behavior. When a fruit bat is offered a ripe papaya and ripe banana, they don’t have a strong preference for either; but when a unripe banana is added in as a third option, they would prefer the ripe banana. This shows that adding the decoy has changed their behavior. 



近日在蘇格蘭北部的馬里河口灣,遊客對海豚的騷擾有明顯增加。 不少駕著帆船或使用獨木舟等的遊客故意追逐及騷擾海豚,而這些行為對海豚造成壓力、影響牠們捕食及會導致牠們受傷。

The harassment of dolphins, seals and whales are increasing in the Moray Firth in northern Scotland. people with sailing boats and kayaks are cashing and harassing dolphins intentionally. These actions are creating stress, affecting their feeding behaviours and can cause injuries to these dolphins.